Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Exercise is Associated with Better Eating Habits in Children

A recent study at Blaise Pascal University and Clermont University in France explored the relationship between poor eating behaviors and exercise in 278 children (147 girls) between the ages of 6 and 10. The researchers measured height, weight, body mass index, an adiposity index from skinfold measurements, and two measures of fitness: a 20-meter shuttle run and a squat jump test for height.  They identified the following eating behaviors as “high risk” when they occurred frequently: skipping breakfast; snacking; TV viewing during meals; and sweetened beverage consumption. Dietary habits were obtained from a validated questionnaire completed by parents in the present of the child.  106 children presented with one risk factor, 46 children had 2 eating risk factors, and 20 had at least 3 factors. Children who ate breakfast every day were fitter than those who ate breakfast sometimes or never.  Children who snacked everyday had significantly lower vertical jumps than those who rarely or never ate breakfast.  These results were independent of obesity.

The bottom line of this research is that unhealthy eating habits in elementary school children appear to be associated with poorer fitness. The authors believe that progressive lifestyle interventions which change a child's eating habits step by step may lead to progressive improvements in physical fitness.

Read more about the study here.

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  1. we need to maintain our eating order and need to eat healthy food in order to enjoy healthy life