Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Young Women like Feedback!

You can now buy many devices to monitor your exercise program – ranging from cell phone Apps that work as long as you carry your phone to body-mounted sensors on the wrist, ankle, or waist.  But do they encourage you to exercise more or are they just a way of expressing your tech savvy?

A recent study from Murray Edwards College in the United Kingdom recruited almost 900 male and female adolescents - mean age 14.5 years – and monitored their activity over four days.  Half of the subjects also wore a pedometer from which they could get feedback about their own exercise history.

Girls who wore the pedometers were more active than girls who did not.  There was no such difference among the boys.

The bottom line is that self-monitoring of activity may be an effective way to motivate young women to exercise.  So an exercise App or a body-mounted sensor might be a healthy gift for your daughter!

Read more about the study here.